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About Generaytor
Generaytor is creating a social solar application that makes
solar PV energy more rewarding for its users.

With more solar panels being installed on rooftops worldwide than ever before as millions of families generate their own green electricity, the time is ripe to start connecting and join forces.

Our crowdsourcing platform enables collaborative analysis by transparently collecting and integrating performance data from the systems in our solar community. We aim to provide users with smart yet simple insights into their electricity production, and ultimately ways to optimize their solar return on investment.

Beyond facts and figures, Generaytor transforms the technicalities of solar energy into a fun and dynamic social experience, celebrating achievements and fostering sharing, inspiring others to go solar.

In a future of cost parity between grid and alternative energy, we aim to empower every person to optimize their use of clean solar electricity by bringing clarity across the ecosystem through our online platform.